Architects selected for giant greenhouses

The service core that will rise in the ecosystem in Ellidaárdalur is intended to promote the mind and spirit through connection with green nature all year round.

The architectural firm WilkinsonEyre has been selected to lead the design of ALDIN Biodome, which is a giant service core in the so-called ecosystem that is erected at the southern end of the nature reserve in Ellidaárdalur, almost on a new plot at Stekkjarbakki Þ73.

Architects WilkinsonEyre have previously designed for the Royal Horticultural Society, The Royal Horticultural Society, more specifically the Garden Wisley Garden, which is a center of horticultural science and study in the UK, which aims to offer educational an experience for guests.

The company also came up with the design of Cooled Conservatories Gardens by the Bay, in Singaúr, as seen below, but it is about five times larger than the Old Garden. The house contains various ecosystems that are considered endangered by climate change.

The activities of Aldin Biodeme are intended to enhance the mind and spirit, connect people to green nature all year round and thus the family members hope to contribute to balance, happiness and a healthy lifestyle.

Guests can take inspiration and energy there whether they are performing daily activities, such as working in a green environment, taking care of mental and physical health, shopping or having fun and relaxing. Architects WilkinsonEyre was hired to ensure that the project meets the highest standards of quality, sustainability and healthy structures.

The project’s family members are also grateful to both the Reykjavik City Council for approving the plot under the core and Landslag ehf. architects for the partnership. Below is a picture from inside the archipelago of architects coming to the Aldin biosphere in Ellidárdalur, which they designed in Singapore. Page translated with Google Translate