Founder and Partners

ALDIN Biodome was founded by Hjördís Sigurðardóttir CEO.

I’m driven by a passion for creating a healthier future. I am an urban planner with degree from Wageningen University in Holland, and single parent of four children (and a dog).

I vividly remember the magical springtime evenings of my youth in Southern Iceland when my mother stayed up late to tend to her garden. I can still remember the smell, the beauty and taste of freshly picked carrots and turnips that I ate straight from the soil. I have always used nature to find peace and invigoration.

This is the driving force behind ALDIN; a secure, warm and invigorating space, which provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature, be inspired and “rebalance” hectic 21st Century lives.

This is the authentic Icelandic experience around which my vision for ALDIN gravitates. ALDIN will be a unique experience for both locals, especially during the long, dark and cold winter months, and the 2.3 million tourists from across the globe who visit our island every year.

This has been a six year journey for me and with the successful planning application in 2019, our world class team is all set to bring this vision into reality. We hope to open the doors of ALDIN in 2024 and I look forward to showering you with Icelandic Green Power

Hjördís Sigurðardóttir


The Aldin Biodome is backed by a world class team with extensive experience


Environmental Engineering

Structural Engineering

Consultation on Costs and Finance


Experts on Green design projects

Business Development and market analysis


Strategic engagement partner

Interactive Media Solutions


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