As with everyone in the ALDIN Biodome team, I celebrate the discussion about the future development on the site north of Stekkjarbakki on the edge of the Elliðaárdalur valley.   On the other hand, a constructive discussion is based on information and facts and I therefore want to discuss the diverse operations that will be under the biodomes of ALDIN. 

The main aim of ALDIN Biodome is to reconnect people to nature and promote healthy lifestyle all in sustainable and commercially viable way. At ALDIN we offer growth in a wide sense. Green energy is used to grow herbs and vegetables and in naturally inviting spaces people’s bodies and souls can flourish. ALDIN invigorates people’s senses and enhances our personal and conscious relationship with the forces of nature and creates a balance in our lives.


ALDIN’s main activities are inside the Biodome that is divided into three main areas. Guests will first enter through Dalbær which is a farmlab and plaza which will be mostly under a turf roof. From there guests will be able to walk into two different climate controlled areas. Laufás, which will have a Mediterranean climate and Hraunprýði which will have a tropical climate. On Aldin‘s outdoor area the focus will be on harmony between the natural environment, cultivation of interesting plants as well as  recreational and play areas for those who want to enjoy the outdoors .

In Dalbær the emphasis will be to allow guests to experience the entire process of urban agriculture, from farm to table, outstanding quality and freshness. It has a market where people can purchase the crops from the ‘farmlab’ or from other local farmers.  In this area there will also be facilities for meetings, a restaurant and a café.

Laufás and Hraunprýði will support gardens and orchards containing a magnificent selection of herbs and plants that carry with them the aura and lore of their origin. There guests are offered to enjoy a variety of diversions intertwined with experiencing the spaces. In Laufás guests can allow themselves to get comfortable under the lavish trees and work or have meetings and inside Hraunprýði will be area dedicated for mediation and yoga.


We have related projects in the country that offer popular experience in this direction. In Friðheimar at Reykholt, a business around horticulture has flourished for several years. Fresh vegetables are grown at site, a restaurant, souvenirs and tourist experience support each other with excellent result.  ALDIN and Friðheimar are of course not the same in all respect but related in a way, but the comparison gives a certain example.

ALDIN is for everyone, inhabitants in the neighbourhood, other citizens and foreign visitors.  The experience and the science tell us that its’ crucial for peoples’ mental and physical wellbeing to be in touch with nature on regular basis.  Not the least during the Icelandic winter season, when the darkness takes its toll of mental health of many people. To be able to enter a bright and warm lush green environment will help many to cheer them up. 

The author is an expert in experience related business development and is one of ALDIN Biodome shareholders.