Hjördís with Biodome plans. Photo credit: Daily Express.

NATURE and modern life will soon converge on the outskirts of Reykjavik, thanks to inspiring and ambitious biodome plans. Hjördis Sigurdardottir, CEO of Spor í Sandinn, is in charge of Iceland’s equivalent to the Eden Project in Cornwall. She said: “I want a place where people can interact with nature as part of their daily routine.This will let people become aware of how vital the natural world is. The lack of a connection to nature is a serious problem  for modern life.We take nature for granted.”

The £31million Aldin biodome, designed by British architects Wilkinson Eyre, will feature a tropical area, a temperate zone and farmland, which will supply a restaurant. The project is already innovating in food creation, using the supply of hot water from Iceland’s geothermal plants to enhance plant growth.

Hjördis, 52, added: “ We are harvesting four times more salad than normal and growing plants outside that do not normally grow here. For eight months of the year we basically have winter weather so we are creating an all-weather centre so we can always enjoy warm weather.”

She hopes the leafy paradise could provide a unique venue for weddings, classes and conferences in the future. Scheduled to open in 2024, construction on the biodome is due to begin next spring.

Tropical zone…artist’s impression of how the eco project will look. Image by WilkinsonEyre Architects.