This Icelandic ‘biodome’ could rival even the UK’s Eden Project in size and ambition

Written by Noah Barnett

Photo credit: WilkinsonEyre Architects

On the cold, harsh outskirts of Reykjavík visitors will soon be able to discover a haven of peace and tranquility amid the rugged Icelandic wilderness.

Described as an ‘an oasis in the land of ice and fire’, a huge botanic-garden complex called ALDIN Biodome will position itself as an equivalent to the UK’s Eden Project. That means visitors can expect to find several enormous glass-domed roofs, surrounded by an array of sprawling gardens and orchards.

According to its founders, the site aims to offer an escape from humdrum 21st-century living, celebrating traditional Icelandic values like ‘personal enrichment’ and ‘connecting with nature’. But not every part of the complex will feel quite like Iceland. Hot-spring water and geothermal energy will power two climate-controlled areas that evoke Mediterranean and tropical climes.

The site will grow a selection of herbs and plants that can be bought at an on-site market, or sampled at its own restaurant and café. And if you’re looking to really chill the eff out? ALDIN says it will also host yoga and meditation classes overlooking the treetops.

So, when can you actually go? The complex isn’t set to open until 2023, so a little while off yet. For now, it seems you better get working on your downward dogs.