August 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The city of Reykjavík has approved a site-plan for ALDIN Biodome in the southern exterior of Elliðaárdalur in Reykjavík, north of Stekkjabakki in an area called Langagróf. See site plan (ALDIN plot is no.3 - only in Icelandic) The site-plan was approved in city council on July 4th 2019. The old Vatsnveituvegur road is attached to Stekkjarbakki, south of the area designated for ALDIN Biodome and marks the southern edge of the plot.  An elevated and steep bank in the land marks the plot on the Northern site but on the East site from the plot, community gardens from the Icelandic Horticulture Society are located. An open green area is on the west side of the plot and a small creak in the land.  The steep bank is an ancient seashore and formed by the ice age glaciers.