The main goal of ALDIN Biodome is to connect people with nature and support sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.



ALDIN Biodome is a new and exciting gathering place in the city which offers an invigorating experience for body and soul, both for guests and employees. Healthy green food the enticingly beautiful surroundings are inspiring and promote balance in peoples lives. Under one roof it’s possible to attend to your daily tasks and enjoy the moment. Mother nature is magical and by being in closer connection with her our sense for nature is enhanced which leads to a more respectful relationship with her and a sustainable lifestyle.


ALDIN Biodome will be in a central location close to Elliðaárdalur valley easily accessible via pedestrian and cycling paths.


ALDIN will be an ideal rest stop for people enjoying outdoor life in the valley or anyone passing by on their way to or from work. The harmony between the Biodome and its natural surroundings promotes exercise and for people to absorb the Icelandic nature outside and the exotic environment in the Biodome which will be a warm and welcoming haven during the dark hours of wintertime.

Urban agriculture reduces transport of fresh goods and allows for the freshest ingredients on people’s plates. Increased supply and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is positive in many ways; it reduces carbon emissions and promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Research has proven the positive effect nature has on health and wellbeing and doctors and health advisors are increasingly prescribing the “green prescription” to their clients. As an example, green nature improves mental wellbeing, increases creativity and efficiency.


ALDIN will create many jobs in the field of personal growth, gardening and a wide variety of service and education. It will be a constructive centre for intern students in those fields. Its operations will create and promote prosperity for the city and society.