febrúar 2017


A new kind of leisure facility, aimed at connecting people, place, geothermal energy and urban agriculture, has passed its first planning hurdle Two years ago Hjördís Sigurðardóttir dreamed of a sustainable oasis in Reykjavík. Now she has won the first round of planning for it. Thomas Bishop of Polar Research and Policy

BUILDING THE REYKJAVÍK BIODOME: INTERVIEW WITH FOUNDER HJÖRDÍS SIGURDARDÓTTIR Polar Research and Policy Initiative Fellow Thomas Bishop interviewed Hjördís Sigurðardóttir, Founder and CEO of Spor i Sandinn, about Aldin, Biodome Reykjavík.  Located in Elliðaárdalur, a recreational valley within the Reykjavík metro area in Iceland, a new green and glazed oasis will soon begin rising

As the snow swirls outside, Icelanders can relax in the 77°F heat and eat food from the farm contained in this geothermal-heated dome. Can we get these to the U.S. by next winter? In Reykjavik–where the sun barely rises over the horizon in the winter, temperatures hover around freezing, and streets

Iceland building biodome community to be fully sustainable oasis Located in the Elliðaárdalur Valley of Reykjavik, the biodome community will feature a central plaza surrounded by ample public spaces for social functions and public activities – as well as a marketplace and various cafes. Inside the biodome, the interior temp will