Hjordis Sigurdardotti, EUWIIN Award 2017 winner, is MSc in Landscape architecture and planning with spatial planning specialization (Spatial planner) and BSc in Environmental Planning and Food Science.

Western societies have realized the need to focus more on health and wellbeing, the nature and sustainability.  These are all key concepts in the project ALDIN BioDome Reykjavík that she is working on, an invention of new meaningful infrastructure in urban setting.

Attractive and eco-friendly dome shaped buildings will provide unique frame for diverse businesses and practices that all have the vision in common, to reconnect people to nature and their inner self through daily tasks.  ‘Farm to table’ restaurants and shops will be in ALDIN’s main dome that functions as well as open public square and socializing.  In short distance from there will be unique green working facilities that improve creativity and open minds.

In ALDIN BioDome, guests can take good care of their mental and physical health by visiting meditation and yoga facilities in a Tropical BioDome or simply enjoy the lush vegetation and the warm climate in there, year around.  ALDIN will awaken interest in Icelandic horticulture and invite people to participate in growing processes in the Farm lab dome or diverse experiments in there. ALDIN aims to create community that encourages people to make healthy chooses in food and lifestyle, be a hub for great minds and thoughts by creating exceptional frame for conferences, meetings and diverse events.  To find further information, please check:

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